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A sympathetic move by House and Carriage

In March 2014, Gilly Prior began to move her mother who was suffering from terminal Motor Neurone Disease into a new home so she could care for her. The move was an extremely sensitive one that she felt House and Carriage dealt with very well. Then, in July 2015 following her mother’s death, House and Carriage moved Gilly into rented accommodation (with six weeks storage service), followed by a final move in September 2015.

Sympathetic and reassuring

During this upsetting time the House and Carriage team were very reassuring and had a good understanding of the situation. They gave constant updates on what was happening during the move and the run-up to the move. House and Carriage did not contact Gilly’s mother by phone directly as she had some difficulty with speech, so they kept communication lines open with Gilly instead.

Personable and friendly

On the day of the removal, each member of the moving team introduced themselves, and Gilly’s mother got to know all of them individually. She even cooked them soup! According to Gilly, the team were ‘good around her mother as well as the family dog’. They had no problems in understanding the issues involved with the move and reacting in a friendly and competent manner. To eliminate stress, House and Carriage arranged for the same removals men for all of the moves. In Gilly’s opinion, this was a “very sensitive decision during a difficult time”.

Going that extra mile

Gilly was concerned about an antique grandfather clock that required some careful handling. House and Carriage ensured it was very well looked after, wrapping and transporting it without a scratch.

Her paintings were also thoughtfully wrapped and made easy to find and open when they were rehung.

Everything else was wrapped and packaged carefully by the team. They also took off doorframes for larger furniture and helped to dissemble and reassemble beds. When the bottom of a bed was broken during transit, House and Carriage immediately fixed and returned the bed – going that extra mile for Gilly.

Painless storage

During the big move Gilly put some items into storage for six weeks, making the transition less stressful and unpacking less time-consuming. When Gilly was ready to move her things out of storage, House and Carriage brought them straight to her door, all ready to fit into the new house.

Confidence in their abilities

The professionalism and trustworthiness of the team meant that security-conscious Gilly felt confident enough to go out and have a coffee, leaving the removals team alone in the house. On the day, the team arrived promptly, moving everything to the new house in just a few hours. They were very professional, having only short breaks and ensuring that everything was done methodically, carefully and on schedule. The family were all together in their home by 5pm that night. Afterwards, they came to collect boxes within a week of transporting the items, making more space in the new house.

According to Gilly: “The team are professional and independent, with a great attention to detail. They are also trustworthy and receptive to sensitive situations. Use them, you won’t regret it”.

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