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An intelligent service from House and Carriage

When Professor Gillian Peele needed to move out of her Charlbury house in 2013 and then out of an Oxford house in July 2015, she called upon local firm House and Carriage to help.

Professor Peele had heard about the Charlbury-based service through friends, and her Charlbury neighbour, House and Carriage co-owner Charles Schmidt. They suggested that she try the service. She did and was impressed by the care taken with her belongings and the excellent service she received.

Handled with care

The family had a large number of antiques and pictures that required particular attention in terms of careful packing and handling, as well as china, mirrors and other glassware that needed to be wrapped well. Gillian was concerned that something may get damaged as several mirrors had been broken when she had used another removals company previously. But House and Carriage ensured that everything was packed safely so not a single glass was cracked.

Intelligent team

Gillian was impressed with the direct person-to-person contact she received from the House and Carriage team - from the initial phone call enquiry, right the way through to moving belongings into and out of storage for her new home. In the past other removals staff were unresponsive and uninterested. In contrast, each member of the House and Carriage team talked and acted very competently to make the arduous task of a series of moves over two years less stressful and more pleasant for all concerned.

Packing credentials

Each box, whether going into storage or being moved into the new house was intelligently packed to ensure maximum ease for Gillian when it came to unpacking the other end. The boxes were clearly and thoughtfully labelled so there was no confusion as to where each was to be left for unpacking.

Punctuality and professionalism

On the day of the first move the vendor was delayed, but House and Carriage were on time and flexible in accommodating the delay. The team worked all through the day with minimal breaks so everything was moved before nightfall. They were professional and helpful, walking through each room to understand what was going on the van and what was going into storage, and working out a simple and methodical way to have everything packed and loaded.

Simple storage solutions

The new home had been handed over to decorators and builders to complete, so many items needed to be kept in storage and then introduced to the new accommodation in steps, once the rooms were finished. The simple, bespoke storage service from House and Carriage made the renovation of the new home much less stressful. There was more space to play with and there weren’t expensive antiques around that needed to be protected during decorating.

According to Gillian: “House and Carriage are the best moving firm I’ve ever encountered, they are very personable and intelligent. The moving service might be pricier than some, but with their excellent attention to every single detail, they are worth every penny.”

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