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Making a ‘Himalayan task’ less stressful with House and Carriage removals and storage

The Brief

On 5th May 2015 Mrs Maggie Parkinson moved out of her family home of 30 years. It was a large five bedroom house in Churchill, Oxfordshire and she was moving to a smaller home in Burford.

Mrs Parkinson had recently suffered a bereavement so required a compassionate and uncomplicated service that would not give her any undue stress.

She had not moved house for many years and was inexperienced in managing the entire removals process herself. The task of moving felt very daunting: “It was way outside my comfort zone,” she says.

Why House and Carriage?

Mrs Parkinson heard about House and Carriage from a good friend who had moved four times. She cited House and Carriage as the best company they had worked with. She also said their move with House and Carriage was stress free and that they were a very competent team. Mrs Parkinson called House and Carriage, who were very friendly on the telephone. She then went into the office for a sit down chat with the team.

House and Carriage were chosen because:

  • Mrs Parkinson wanted a relatively quick move (she had a six week window) and House and Carriage had the flexibility to support her on the dates she required

  • They seemed caring and accommodating

  • They were a local business

  • They had everything under one roof, so she was able to use their storage facilities, buy removals insurance, and organise moving with one point of contact – making it less stressful for her

  • The price quoted was acceptable, not too expensive, but not the cheapest out there – she wanted reassurance that they wouldn’t cut corners and the price reflected this

The House and Carriage Approach

After her meeting with the team, House and Carriage co-owner Tom Skelton went to visit Mrs Parkinson to assess her belongings and see what quantities they were dealing with. Mrs Parkinson had already been hard at work, and had labelled quite a few boxes, marking them for long term (one year plus) storage or for transportation to her new home.

There were quite a few valuable items to move into storage at House and Carriage, including some precious furniture and artwork. There was also a very valuable pot that was over 5ft high, and this would need careful packing and transportation to its temporary home.

The itemisation of Mrs Parkinson’s valuables was clearly carried out so House and Carriage were able to quickly estimate how many days (three) and how many vehicles (two) would be needed for the move.

What happened on moving day?

House and Carriage came armed with enough packing materials to efficiently and carefully pack everything for storage or to take to the new home. They arrived promptly and used their time productively, so while the first floor was being cleared and furniture was packed inside the lorry, other members of the team had already started packing up the next floor.

“They worked hard and picked up a good rhythm. Everything they said they would do they did, and they managed their time really effectively,” says Mrs Parkinson.

Everything for storage fitted snugly into the lorry and now occupies seven containers on the House and Carriage warehouse site, with the assurance that it’s well packed, safe and dry.

The House and Carriage team understand that moving at any time of your life can be a stressful experience, but that it was particularly difficult following a bereavement.

“They were very sympathetic and extremely compassionate to my situation,” summarises Mrs Parkinson. “I would absolutely recommend them. They are very well organised, very professional, and everyone was really lovely and understanding. For me, they made a Himalayan task so much easier.”

If you need careful and considerate support during your house move, or if you are looking for a trustworthy storage solution please do get in touch with the House and Carriage team.

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