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Monday, November 18, 2013 by Jon Ellard

A Winter's Tale

The early starts can be dark and cold
But our boys are cast from a different mould.

They'll scale the hills and wade through rivers
Through thunder and rain, they will deliver.

Across the UK we send our teams 
to deliver the things of your customers dreams.

Our liveried blue trucks announce our arrival
Smarter by far than most of rivals.

Each delivery we make puts a smile on a face
Be it a four poster bed or decorative vase.

There's no package too small, no distance too great
If a customers waiting, we will not be late.

We wish you success for the rest of the year
And sign off with message we hope that you'll hear.

Be it just a one off, or a long fruitful marriage
For your delivery needs, just call House & Carriage.

Written by Richard F Wood (a former employee of House & Carriage!)

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