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Wednesday, April 15, 2015 by Tom Skelton

Beat the rush and make sure your house is ready to sell

Spring is upon us and with it you might be starting to think about preparing your house for sale. When it comes to selling your property you’ll need to work on how it is presented – this means getting around to doing those little DIY jobs that you’ve been putting off and giving everything a good spring clean.

Here are our 7 top tips for getting your house ready for viewings – bring on the buyers!
Beat the rush and make sure your house is ready to sell

  1. Declutter your space
    Unless you live really minimally, chances are you’ll have accumulated many possessions while living in your house. Before people come to have a look around, it’s worth having a sort out and declutter. Separate your belongings into things to sell, items to put into storage, things to give to charity and things to bin. When people come to view they like to see nice tidy spaces, so (even if you’re not the tidiest sort!) make an effort to keep all your rooms clean and neat. 

  2. Make do and mend
    Go through your house and note down any of the small jobs that you could do, i.e. oiling rusty gates, painting outside doors and window frames, fixing blown light bulbs. We aren’t suggesting doing something drastic like refitting the kitchen or bathroom (unless you really think you need to), but modernising the kitchen unit doors or replacing the cracked tile in the bathroom, can go a long way.

  3. A fresh lick of paint
    Ok, so you might love the deep purple colour in your bedroom, but others might not. If you have strong colours on your walls, it’s best to repaint them in lighter hues, it’ll make the room seem bigger. Also, putting up mirrors will give the space an added dimension. Have a look at your ceilings too; old yellowed paint can make rooms seem dirty and the ceiling lower than it actually is. Paint them white and it’ll feel like there’s more headspace (even if you live in a low-roofed cottage!)

  4. Depersonalise
    There’s no harm in having a few family photos and children’s drawings on the walls/fridge, but if your house is full of personal knick-knacks, it might be difficult for your buyer to imagine themselves as the owners. Try to keep things a bit more neutral. 

  5. Don’t forget the garden…
    If your outside space is a bit of a mess it can seriously affect the buyer’s perceptions of the property. Spend some time making it presentable and throughout the viewing process, maintain this appearance by looking after the lawn and borders. Also, put kid’s toys in the garage and throw away/replace any dead-looking plants. 

  6. Keep it clean to keep them keen
    A good thorough clean is what’s needed once you’ve decluttered and repainted. Pay particular attention to your bathroom and kitchen. Buyers hate seeing dirty washing up or your clothes hanging out to dry. Put away or conceal this kind of household mess before they come round. If you’ve got stained carpets, it might also be worth hiring or buying a carpet steamer/shampooer to get the worst stains removed or at least lessened. Then, before viewings, give your whole house a good going over – vacuum/mop all floors, wipe and scrub down your surfaces including doors and cupboards, clean windows/mirrors and polish any dust attracting items. 

  7. First impressions
    You’ve probably heard all the tips about baking bread and putting on coffee before viewings. The smell of a place is one of first impressions that buyers will get when walking through your (newly painted) front door. If you’ve got pets, your buyers' keen noses will detect this, so spend some time eliminating odours with products that rid or mask animal smells. Also, empty any litter boxes and pet food areas before viewings. If you can, it might be good to encourage Fido or Felix to go outside while the buyers are looking round. Also, brighten up the place with some lovely fresh flowers. They don’t have to be big or showy, a small bunch of daffodils or carnations will do.

These tips really will help you to stage your home for the types of buyers that you’re looking for and improve your chances of a quick sale. Once you’re ready to move, have a look at how we can help you with our home removals and storage services.

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