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Friday, December 09, 2016 by Tom Skelton

Boost your business growth plan in 2017 with our Oxford based storage

At this time of year, many businesses (us included) turn their thoughts to their growth plans for the coming year.

Physical space can be a limitation to your expansion plans – whether you are seeking to increase your headcount, turnover or range of products. House & Carriage are happy to support local businesses to grow with safe and secure business storage in locations around Oxford and Witney.

Our flexible business storage in Oxford can help you to free up space for a wide range of applications. This can support your business to grow and provides you with more options for future development.

Oxford business storage for professional services firms

Oxford based storage

A little extra space can mean a lot for your business. Rental costs for office space can be high – particularly in desirable locations such as the centre of Oxford. Our flexible business storage is a cost effective way to get the most value from your space.

For professional services firms, storing your documents and archive could free up the space you need for an extra desk or two. This allows you make more efficient use of your office, while retaining your records for when they are needed.

Extra space can improve your office environment and the wellbeing of your employees. If your business has reduced its headcount, you could store your unneeded furniture at one of our convenient storage sites near Oxford. This could provide the opportunity to add a reception area, meeting room or breakout space.

Our business storage is also ideal for making office moves smoother and less stressful, particularly when combined with our expert office removals service.

Stock storage for Oxfordshire retailers

It can be tricky balancing the amount of space you allocate to stock versus your retail space. Having more space to display your wares can increase your sales, but leaves you with less room to stock them.

Our business self storage gives you the option to keep your stock off-site in a safe, dry and secure storage unit. With a range of locations close to Oxford and Witney, you can free up space in store while keeping your stock accessible.

Rates for business self storage are much lower than rent for retail premises, making it a very cost effective option. We provide flexible rental agreements, which means that you can expand or reduce the amount of space you rent with us to meet your needs. With low weekly costs, comprehensive insurance and short notice periods, business storage provides a low risk option for expanding your space.

Our storage sites have on-site portering services and staff on hand to accept deliveries if required. As such, our Oxfordshire business storage can prove to be a valuable addition to your expansion plan for your business.

Tool and materials storage for tradesOxford based storage

As your business expands you may need more space to keep materials in stock, or a place to store tools and equipment off your vans. Our business storage around Oxford provides a convenient place to keep the tools of your trade in a clean, safe and dry environment. We can even provide 24/7 access at our Witney storage site.

Interior designers may benefit from our expert removals and delivery services. Our removals team take the utmost care and attention over every item and have experience of transporting fine art and delicate furniture.

Storage and fulfilment space for e-business

Space can be a major limitation for online-only businesses. If your business has outgrown your home or garage then a business storage unit is considerably cheaper than a commercial rental property. Many of our storage options have lighting and can be fully fitted out with racking to meet your needs, allowing you to use the same space for fulfilment.

Consider House & Carriage business storage as part of your 2017 business planning

Storage can make a big difference to your business. With flexible, competitive rates and a wide range of options to suit your needs, get in touch to learn more about our storage can support your business.

We are always happy to hear from you if you have any questions →
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