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Wednesday, February 11, 2015 by Jon Ellard

Home staging and storage – where to begin?

Home staging is a way to prepare your house for sale, helping you to attract lots of buyers to sell your home fast! Think de-cluttered and clean open spaces. Sound like your home? If not read on…
Home staging and storage – where to begin

What is home staging?

Home staging – or providing a blank, spacious canvas - can really help potential buyers to visualise themselves and their belongings in your home. Home staging de-clutters and de-personalises your home, emphasising all the good bits and increasing your chances of getting the best price and potentially, a quicker sale. 

Home staging and storage – where to begin

Another benefit of staging a home for sale is actually getting buyers to look at your house in the first place. Images of your property are used as marketing material to grab buyers’ attention on the high street and the internet. Beautiful images of your house play an important part when a buyer is scouting around for their next property.


So why home stage?

Here are some hard facts and figures to really firm up the home staging debate:

  • Over 80% of viewers cannot visualise the potential of a property

  • 18% of viewers decide whether they will make an offer the minute they walk through the door

  • Buyers make up their minds (subconsciously) within 60 seconds of entering the house

  • Buyers buy with their emotions (mouseprice.com)

So home stage to make your house a beautiful and aspirational place to live in. 

4 top tips for home staging 

  1. Think about a blank canvas: why not throw away any items you don’t intend to take with you? You’ll be better prepared for your move date too.

  2. Can’t bear to part with some items or just can’t decide what to do with them? This is where storage comes in. Use storage facilities to securely lock up items you don’t need but don’t want to throw away. It’s a great option and clears the decks while home staging.

  3. If you decide to paint, choose a neutral tone. Dramatic colours may put buyers off so go for whites or magnolia shades when home staging 

  4. Make sure your house is super clean and dust free – no-one likes to view a dirty house

Think about selling your car in comparison. You’ll do a great job of making it look all clean, shiny and new for the photos and test drives so you should be doing the same for your house. After all, your property could be worth 100 times the value of your car. Give your house the love it deserves before any critical viewers pass through the door. 

Use our storage facilities to de-clutter and create an open space

Creating space is essential for home staging. As part of our storage service we can collect your belongings and store them for you in our storage containers. When your house move date finally approaches, you’ll also have fewer belongings to pack. More often it’s the decorative items that are difficult to sort and organise, so putting these into storage ahead of the day will not only help to sell your home but your move will go more smoothly too.  

Home staging for a quick sale

Although it can take time, home staging is worth it in the end. Estate agents have said that home staging can increase the value of your home by 6-10%. It takes a little bit of time and effort but we can help – with home staging – and storage too. In fact, we’ll help to make your house move run smoothly in whatever way we can. 

If you would like to find out more about home staging or storage before your house move, get in touch with the House and Carriage team. We can pick up your items, store them and then deliver them to your next location when the time comes. 

We are always happy to hear from you if you have any questions →
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