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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 by Matthew Gilbert

How long term storage can help you through the tricky times in life

Life really is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs and it’s often impossible to see what’s coming next. Sometimes life throws challenges at us and we need to take a fresh look at the way we live so we can manage the new situations we find ourselves in. If you are in a tricky situation and you need to readjust your life in order to take back some control, long term storage might be an ideal solution. For example, you might be faced with:

Divorce or separation

Did you know that 42 per cent of marriages end in divorce, and 34 per cent of married couples divorce before their 20th wedding anniversary? It’s safe to say that a split or a divorce is an unpleasant situation for everyone involved and separating out your belongings, from the furniture right down to knives and forks can be completely stressful. Plus, where do you go? Where do your belongings go if you have no space in your new home? This is where long term storage can help. If you are able to find a room to rent or somewhere to stay with family and friends, why not put your belongings into long term storage while you gather your senses? Everything will stay dry and safe while you work out what to do next and where you want to re-settle.

Financial challenges

According to the charity Shelter, 37% of working families in England could not cover housing costs for more than a month in event of a job loss. If the unexpected happens and you find yourself unable to pay the rent or the mortgage, you may need to move in with family or friends or into a smaller property while you get yourself back on your feet. But where can you put your belongings? Long term storage can be cheaper than you think and storing all your items while you regroup and work on your next move can really help.

An elderly relative in need

As parents and relatives grow older it’s only natural to think about how you can help them more. This might involve moving into their property or them moving into yours. Long term storage can really help to make space for them or you. They might have a spare bedroom that is ideal for you to move into but it’s full of belongings they want to keep yet have no room. Or you might decide to build an annexe for them to move into and you need some storage while the builders get to work. Long term storage is the perfect place to store items in these situations.

A loved one passing away

If a loved one passes away it’s often really hard to face up to going through their belongings. By packing up their items and putting them into long term storage, this is something you won’t need to face for a while, making it less traumatic for you at that time. When you feel ready to go through their things everything will be there ready for you when you feel up to it. You might have even inherited some furniture or valuables and you’re not sure where to put them. Keeping them in storage is a useful interim solution while you find a place for them.


Unfortunately accidents happen! You might have taken a tumble or had an illness of some kind, and unexpectedly found yourself in a situation where you need a wheelchair or crutches. It’s during times like these you will need more space to be able to move around comfortably at home. Moving your belongings into long term storage can help. You don’t even need to go through and sort everything out. A good removals and storage company will box items up for you and take them away until you’re ready to have them back again.

Putting belongings into long term storage couldn’t be easier with our team. We’re amenable and sensitive to any of the challenges above (and more) that you may be facing. Just tell us what you need to put into storage and we’ll make it happen – from packing everything up to returning it to you – and making it completely simple and pain free.

If you need any advice around long term storage please contact our team here or call 01608 811 444 for an understanding chat and a simple solution. 



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