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Tuesday, August 02, 2016 by Tom Skelton

How our storage near Oxford can speed up your summer projects

Summer is a great time to get work done around the house. Our storage near Oxford can help you get things finished more quickly.

We're all guilty of putting off jobs that need doing at home. The long days and drier weather of summer mean there are far fewer excuses! Whether you're doing the work yourself or getting in help, our storage facilities around Oxford can help you to get the work done more quickly.

Speed up your decorating

When you're painting, trying to work around all your possessions can really slow things down – and moving things from room to room is even worse. It's even more of an issue if you have tradespeople completing the work for you as every delay pushes up the cost of the project.

When you're decorating your home, our Oxford storage facilities can help you get the job done more quickly

By putting your furniture and nick-nacks into storage at one of our Oxford facilities you can make your life easier and help get the job finished more quickly.

With the room clear you can protect your floors and other surfaces much more easily. You'll have access to the whole room making it a doddle to reach awkward spots, do multiple coats and get the best possible finish.

With prices at our Oxfordshire storage depots starting from as little as £11 per week you can save yourself a headache and some money.

Find out more about how our storage near Oxford can help speed up your decorating this summer.

Take the pain out of extensions and building work

Having an extension, or embarking on a renovation project can be hugely disruptive. The dirt, dust and exposure to the elements involved can put your precious possessions at risk of damage. The need to move furniture and other items between rooms can also take its toll on you, not to mention your things!

Squeezing the contents of the rooms that will be affected into the rest of your house can also be an issue, making your remaining space less liveable.

Putting any non-essential items into storage in our Oxford facilities while the work is being done can reduce your stress levels, prevent damage and speed up the progress of the work. Our friendly, trained staff can also come and pick up your items, put them safely into storage and then deliver them back to your home for a hassle free experience.

Learn more about how our Oxford storage can make your building work easier to deal with.

Our storage around Oxford is ideal for when you're having your loft converted or other major development works

Take the heat out of kitchen fitting

If you've ever emptied all of your kitchen cupboards you'll know full well just how much stuff they can hold. When you're having your kitchen updated finding somewhere for all these things to go can be difficult – and leaving stacks of crockery in precarious positions is a recipe for disaster. Our easily accessible Oxfordshire storage sites can take this worry off your plate.

As well as our storage facilities , we can also supply all the boxes, bubble wrap and other packing materials that you need to keep your kitchen items safe. If you'd rather not take the time to pack things yourself, our trained staff can box all of your items up safely and securely before putting them in storage until your work is done. We also provide a basic level of insurance as standard, but you can declare your valuable items separately to ensure they are fully protected.

See what our storage near Oxford can offer.

Speed up the sale of your property

There are a couple of ways that storage can support the sale of your property.

Cluttered homes will often take longer to sell as potential buyers find it hard to see how their own furniture and possessions will fit into the house. By placing some of your items into one of our storage sites near Oxford you can make it easier for prospective buyers to make their decision.

If you're renovating or modernising a property before you put it up for sale you can get the work done much more quickly if you have the space needed to complete the work. With a range of options available at our Oxfordshire storage facilities , you have the flexibility to use our storage in whichever way suits you. You could take a single room or container for a longer period allowing you to clear things out room by room, or a larger space for a shorter period to blitz the work in one go.

With flexible sizes and rental terms, our expert team can find a storage option that meets your needs exactly. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Our Oxford storage can help make many home improvements easier

Having somewhere to keep your things while the work is done can help with a wide range of home improvements, from window replacements to flooring.

To find out how our storage around Oxford can help you to get your summer projects completed on time and to budget contact our friendly and helpful team .

Flexible storage near Oxford from House & Carriage

Our storage facilities in Witney, Charlbury and Ascott-under-Wychwood are easy to access from Oxford and surrounding areas. You can choose from self storage rooms of different sizes or safe and dry containerised storage if you don't need regular access to your things.

What sets us apart from other storage providers is the service we provide. Our Oxfordshire storage sites have porters on hand to help you load and unload your things and advise on how to stack your items to make the most of your space. There are also trolleys on hand to make moving heavy and bulky objects much easier.

We also offer a door to door collection and delivery service. Our helpful and professional team will take excellent care of your possessions and can even pack your things to make the whole process almost effortless.

If you're not sure what sort of storage you need or you would like to find out more please contact us and we'd be happy to help.

We are always happy to hear from you if you have any questions →
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