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Monday, March 27, 2017 by Jon Ellard

How our Oxfordshire based storage can support your business

There’s no one single business model. Every company, no matter its size, maturity, or aspirations, has many differing requirements for success. However, one essential resource which is common to all businesses is one which is often overlooked: space.

Based conveniently near Oxford, we can work with you to help you make the most of your space, save you money, and save you stress. Here’s how our Oxfordshire based storage services can support all different types of businesses:Oxford Storage Unit

For up-and-coming businesses

Even if you’ve only recently started out, you probably already know that growth can take an unpredictable course. Sales might grow nicely one week, then slow down temporarily due to seasonal trends, market fluctuations or other unforeseen events. Similarly, business could suddenly accelerate. You need the flexibility to adapt and thrive under such inconsistent growth patterns, and this is where storage can help.

Rather than being constrained by long term and expensive lease contracts on large spaces around Oxford which your business may currently be too young to capitalise upon, House & Carriage allows you to pay only for the space you need right now. And you can decrease or increase the space you have as you go along – all without the worries that come with a minimum contract.

For growing businesses

If your business is taking off, you might be finding that success means having less space! Perhaps you’ve accumulated exhibition materials, or a surplus of seasonal goods, or tools and equipment that you don’t always need. Perhaps your archives are taking up room – filing cabinets full of business records that you legally need to keep hold of. Or perhaps your company’s growth means it’s time to move to new offices, and you need temporary storage in the Oxfordshire area as you relocate.

House & Carriage will help you to reclaim the space your business needs, with secure units that you can use for as long – or as little time – as you need.

For round-the-clock businesses

In order to provide unparalleled service to their customers, many businesses operate on a 24-hour basis, being primed to satisfy customer needs at a moment’s notice, or out of traditional office hours.

At House & Carriage we offer 24-hour access to our Oxfordshire based storage facilities, so you’re not forced into waiting for 9am the next day – or longer – in order to access your goods. When you arrive at our warehouses, our porters will be ready to help you load and unload. Our staff can also accept deliveries on your behalf. We’re easy and convenient to find and close to main roads too.

For sustainable businesses

When planning for success it’s important to not just consider profit from sales, but to ensure that the business model itself is sustainable, with acceptable overheads and minimised running costs.

That’s why we charge just one inclusive price which you can pay monthly. There are no costs associated with utilities or council tax. While small businesses are exempt from business rates, SMEs do pay VAT, however if you’re VAT registered you may be able to claim this back. Also, your things are insured with us, with limited liability covering up to £40 per item, and you can keep running costs low too by using our great value delivery service from our company’s home in Oxfordshire.

For all businesses

Whatever your business looks like, our Oxfordshire based storage is here to support you. We’re ready to help you with your unique storage requirements, and we’ll be available to assist whenever your needs change. We look forward to working with you to give you the gift of space.

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