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Wednesday, July 15, 2015 by Jon Ellard

How short and long term storage solutions help with life’s challenges

There are times in your life when temporary, short or long term storage can really help out. Think difficult living situations, estate inheritance or doing up a property for example. In this new post we discuss why storage works when you find yourself faced with a daunting life challenge.

How short and long term storage solutions help with life’s challenges

Making your property more roomy with temporary home storage

We spend over £14bn a year on home improvement activities (FT.com), most of which goes on extensions. In the UK, we tend to buy smaller houses (such as three beds) and then pop on an extra room when living space gets tight. It’s not uncommon these days to create space for the growing trend of children staying until 20s or 30s at their parental home, or even for children to house their parents when they get older (Guardian.com). Large renovation projects like these mean that furniture and valuable possessions might need relocation to somewhere else in your home, or even spend a few months out in the garage. This could be stressful in terms of cluttering up your other spaces, and damp could seep in if they’re left in an outside building for too long.

Temporary home storage for a number of months whilst you’re building and decorating could really help to take the pressure off and ensure that your stuff stays safe and dry.

Attract the right buyers by using storage

Do you know how many houses people see on average before they commit to buy? Around 10-15. Viewers will regularly sign up with an agent to see three or four properties in the same day. So how do you make yours stand out from the others? Invest in a little ‘Home staging’.

Now, you could go the whole hog and completely revamp your property with ‘new everything’ to get your buyers to like it, but, you might not be able to sell your home at an inflated value that factors in what you’ve spent. One quick, cheaper and more simple way to stage your home correctly is to look at which rooms feel over furnished and shift some of your bigger items into storage. For example, if you have two sofas in your living room, put one into storage and the space will feel more roomy. Or, if you have a narrow passageway from the bed to the door due to bulky furniture, stick some into self storage until you’ve sold up.

Too much inheritance to be stored!

When you inherit from a deceased estate, it can often be stressful to sell the possessions that your loved ones valued in life - yet you simply may not have room for them in your current home. You may want to sell the house but keep the furniture and valuables, to either sell later on or to pass down to your children. For these tricky times in life, short or long term storage, can provide the right answer.

‘Stuck in between’ storage

We all hit bumps in the road now and then, and during these times we might have to make difficult decisions that find us between houses. It could be that you’ve sold, but the other house has fallen through, or that you need to downsize/move into rented accommodation for the short or long term.

Relationships, also, can and do fall apart, with over 42% of marriages ending in divorce. At this point you might need to sell your house or move out, and storage can help to keep everything in one place while you sort your life out a little. More happily though, more couples are living together and marriage is on the up (since 2008), so you might find that living together means relying on storage for your old stuff while you wait to move into a bigger place.

Whatever your life situation, storage can take bulky or treasured items off your hands and keep them safe until you need them again. At House and Carriage we offer a full range of storage solutions whether it’s long term, or short term storage you’re after.

We can store practically anything, including art and valuables, as well as cars and caravans. Just talk to us to see how our temporary or long term storage solutions can help to make your challenging times that little bit easier.

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