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Wednesday, December 09, 2015 by Tom Skelton

Is business storage the answer to a cluttered office?

A recent study by UCLA found that physical clutter has a direct impact on the production of stress hormones; this in turn can cause ‘workplace disengagement’. With workplaces generally getting smaller some business have adopted a clean desk policy, whereby employees must ensure that their desks are free of clutter at the end of the day. However, a bigger problem is often caused by archive boxes and excess furniture closing in on desk space and clogging up corridors and staff rooms.

Business Storage 

Could business storage help you?

It may be useful to start with in house solutions such as disposing of unwanted clutter, re-organising internal storage and adopting a clean desk policy. If that doesn’t fix the problem then have you thought about a business storage solution? Temporary business storage is often required when you are moving or renovating office spaces, a more permanent solution could eliminate the problem altogether.

What questions should be asking when I’m looking for business storage?

How do I get my items into store and can I access them easily if I need to?

Always consider where your items will be kept; safe, dry and secure are the three most important things. Next is getting them to and from store, does your business storage offer a collection service?

How long will I need to store, is there a minimum term contract?

Some companies will offer a minimum term, always check. If you only need temporary storage does the company offer this flexibility?

How do I work out what space I need?

Often the hardest question: Each storage facility is different; can they help you calculate what space you need? Do you need to allow room to add more, will they pack it away for me? How should I label everything? All questions that a good operator should be able to answer.

Where is the storage facility?

It is very important, especially for small businesses to choose a storage facility that is local to you. You may need access at short notice and so you need to factor in travel and time costs when you decide which facility works best for you.

Is the facility secure?

Security is possibly the number one priority for business storage, especially for sensitive data and archive storage. Do remember to check the exact location of your chosen facility.

How much will it cost?

Get a monthly cost inclusive of VAT for the different options that you might need. Check if there are access charges and how you need to pay. Remember; location, access and security are just as important as the cost!

House & Carriage are specialists in business storage and have been looking after our business customers for over ten years. We would be more than happy to help you with your enquiry, so do please give one of us a call on 01608 81144 or visit our website.

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