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Wednesday, February 24, 2016 by Tom Skelton

New baby, no room? How storage in Oxfordshire can help

Whether it’s your first little bundle of joy, or another addition to a growing family, houses can start to feel really small once children come along. It’s well worth considering some local self storage options in Oxfordshire to get your house free and clear of things that you won’t be needing over the next few years.

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Here are three reasons to choose storage in Oxfordshire when you’ve got a little one on the way:

1. Making room for a nursery

Giving your child their own space can get tricky in a small house, and it may be the case that you’ll need to make guest bedrooms, or spare rooms into nurseries. Instead of just dumping or selling items, we suggest our self storage in Oxfordshire, so when you eventually move to a bigger property, you can bring all your belongings back in.

2. A child-safe environment

That stack of magazines, the glass table top leaning against the wall, the cabinet with a loose door….it won’t be long before your little bundle of joy is exploring and potentially trapping fingers or practicing some shredding! If you plan ahead, get rid of what you no longer need and self-store the rest before your baby arrives you’ll keep baby safe AND your stuff safe! House & Carriage has great value long term storage in Oxfordshire to park all those things that you still want but don’t now have the room for!

3. Space to move around

It is amazing the amount of stuff you’ll amass with a new baby, and how quickly a lot of it becomes obsolete once she/he starts to grow. Clothes, toys, feeding equipment and cots will all need updating as they get older. But the expense of buying all these things again could run into thousands of pounds. Temporary self storage in Oxfordshire will mean that you can store all your old baby items away for the next child, saving you money and keeping everything in one place.

Taking a self-store room, close to home, that’s good value and easy to access can really help a growing family. Short term or long term self storage in Oxfordshire with House & Carriage could be the perfect solution to buying back some space in your lives!

Contact us today to find out more about our cost effective self storage options in Oxfordshire to help you and your family.

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