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Wednesday, October 18, 2017 by Matthew Gilbert

Packing your items for storage: 5 top tips from our expert removals team

Whether you’re relocating to Oxford or Oslo, moving house is both physically and emotionally exhausting. It’s easy to lose track of what should be done when – and that includes taking care of all your worldly goods: making sure they arrive at the new place, or are put safely into storage.

Fortunately, we’ve got this covered. Read on for ideas on how to take control of the packing process.

1) Clear house = clear mind

Prepare to pack! If you don’t think you’ll have space for certain things, like furniture (especially if you’re moving abroad,) our Oxford storage can be a big help. By clearing out now, you’ll make space for all the new things that will come into your life in your new home. And if you have items you just want to get rid of, Oxford has lots of charity shops and car boot sales where you can offload your things. A clear house is a clear mind and this is a great opportunity to have a good sort out.

2) Think inside the box

Don’t use just any box. Sturdy containers will survive far longer than weak boxes. If you’re moving abroad, it’s especially important to find robust boxes. Boxes may become unsettled during transit, and your possessions could become damaged or lost if not securely contained.

You’ll also need strong tape, scissors, and marker pens. At House and Carriage, we provide storage for people in and around Oxford, so we have loads of packing materials like book boxes and sofa bags, as well as bubble wrap and other basics.

3) Make a survival kit

If you’re planning to stay in temporary accommodation in Oxford or elsewhere, you may not have immediate access to all your things – especially if you’re moving abroad. Delays caused by unforeseen events - like hold-ups through customs - can be stressful, so make sure you have your essentials with you. And if you’re moving somewhere sunny, keep some light clothes out to avoid overheating as you unpack!

4) Take stock

Go to each room, and make an inventory. Start with big items like furniture. You don’t need to note down every paper clip, but do include expensive items, such as jewellery. Then create a spreadsheet listing each item, its estimated value, and what condition it’s in. The last column is especially important if you’re hiring the services of a removals company. If anything is damaged or missing at the new place, the inventory can help support any claims you make.

Also, add a column titled ‘box number’ on your spreadsheet so you can easily find anything you are searching for!

5) The big (packing) day

Work through your home room by room. Start with small items that can all go in one single box, then move on to the bigger things.

Pack fragile items in bubble-wrap in sturdy boxes, and fill up the spaces with paper. Going abroad? Save room by stuffing these boxes with your towels! Be sure to mark any boxes up as fragile. (Here’s how our team at House and Carriage transport valuable items. Drop by our place near Oxford and we can give you a packing lesson too!)

This is where that final column on your spreadsheet comes into play. Number your boxes, and note what goes into each one. Most importantly, this will ensure you know exactly where those wine glasses are as soon as you’re in the new place!

Packing might seem like an insurmountable challenge, but by breaking it down into steps you’ll feel a lot calmer. However, for a completely stress-free experience, House and Carriage can carry out the removal process for you, and manage all the packing and loading. We can take some of your things to the new house, and put the rest of it into our Oxford storage units if you need us to.

For peace of mind when moving, call us for a chat, or come and view our storage units near Oxford.

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