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Thursday, June 23, 2016 by Charlie Schmidt

How our self-storage facilities in Oxford can take the stress out of your move

It’s no secret that the prospect of moving house can make anyone feel anxious. Earlier this year, a Which survey found moving house to be more stressful than having kids, getting hitched and changing jobs.

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As the UK economy starts to pick up again, many people in Oxford and the surrounding areas  are looking to get onto – or climb - the property ladder. House & Carriage can help turn this traditionally traumatic process back into the positive life experience that it can be.

Here’s how our Oxford self-storage service resolves some of the most common problems related to moving house.

I have too much stuff!

It’s when you move house that all your clutter really surfaces: stacks of obsolete CDs, a shed-full of cobwebbed tools, that fondue set you’ve never used. When you’re working out what should go where in your lovely new space, this stuff is not just low-priority, but something else to trip over.

The solution? Keep it in cost-effective Oxford self-storage until you have the time and the headspace to work out what to do with it.

I have some valuable items

Maybe you have a painting you suspect might be worth something, jewellery you’ve inherited, or knickknacks of sentimental value. Either way, moving house means lots of shifting and carrying, and it’s all too easy to lose something, or find it’s been accidentally broken or chipped.

Carefully pack up your valuable possessions, and keep them safe and close to hand in our Oxford-based self-storage facilities. We even offer simple insurance for peace of mind. You’ll find you can go ahead with moving without that nagging worry in your mind that something might just happen to them.

I’m decorating/renovating

While you’re making the new pad look fantastic, you’ll no doubt be moving boxes around to save them getting covered in eggshell paint, plaster and woodchip. Your possessions may even end up taking a full tour of the house before you’re finished.

By keeping your possessions in our secure and dry self-storage containers in Oxfordshire you can have the space you need to safely decorate and DIY without the extra obstacles.

The chain’s been broken!

It’s the biggy. The nightmare scenario. But one that happens all too often. You’re all ready to get moving, and you find out at the eleventh hour that you’re unable to move into the new property thanks to a broken chain, or a delay.

Our self-storage facilities in Oxfordshire are the ideal way to ensure that your belongings – from spoons to sofas - are safe. When you’ve sorted out the problem and are ready to move out of your friend’s spare room or a B&B, it will all be here waiting for you. Plus, we have no minimum storage term – so even if it’s just for a few days, we can help.

However long it takes, and whatever size space you need, our experienced team here at House & Carriage are on hand to support you. We can even come and collect your things, and deliver them to your new place when you’re ready. What could be more stress-free than that?

Simply contact us for a chat and a quote. Call us on 01608 811 444 or complete our online form and we’ll call you.

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