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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 by Jon Ellard

Seven strange things found in storage units

What comes to mind when you think of storage? Furniture? Business documents and archives? Boxes of valuables and other possessions, while the owners move house? In our experience as an Oxfordshire based storage facility, you’d be about right. However over the years there have been some downright wacky things found in storage units. Here are seven of the oddest…

treasure found in storage units

Aharrr! Pirate booty!

On U.S. reality show, 'Storage Wars', a unit in California was bought unseen for $1000. When opened, the unit was found to contain an actual ‘treasure chest’, crammed with gold doubloons, silver coins and bars.  The hoard – believed to be more than 200 years old – was worth over $500,000!

Pull the other one…

When a man purchased a storage unit in an auction in 2007, in North Carolina, he was thrilled to find a meat smoker. However even he must have gone off the idea of a BBQ when he found an amputated human leg inside. It turned out the original owner had lost the limb in a plane crash three years earlier, and had preserved it so that he might eventually be buried with it. What’s stranger is that the two men went to court over custody of the appendage, as the buyer planned to make money by charging people to see it. The case was eventually won by the leg’s original owner.

Enough to raise an eyebrow…

In 1989, in New York, a man paid less than $100 for the contents of a storage unit. Inside was a funny-looking white sports car, which turned out to be one of the famous submarine cars handled by Roger Moore’s James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me. There were eight versions of the car used in the film, and the fate of one of them had been unknown – until now. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, eventually bought the car at auction for nearly $1m.  

A criminally funny discovery

In Missouri, in 2011, a security guard noticed that the door to a storage unit was open, so doing his job, he closed it. However he didn’t quite realise just how well he was doing his job, until he later heard strange noises coming from the unit. It turned out he had unwittingly imprisoned a burglar who’d been looting the place. Rest assured that our storage in Oxfordshire are fully alarmed and monitored!

An explosive find

In 2011 a man in Michigan won a bid for a storage unit, and found a live hand grenade inside. He immediately took it to his local fire department, who called the Michigan state police bomb squad to take it away (as fast as possible, we would guess). Before you start getting ideas about any wartime memorabilia you might own, we should mention here that we can’t accept explosive devices in our storage units!

Storage ‘space’

Florida’s Cape Canaveral may be famous for NASA’s launch complex, but it was still a surprise for the winner of a nearby storage unit on TV’s Auction Hunters to stumble upon a rocket and countdown clock. It turned out the equipment had been stored there following the discontinuation of a space programme.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Nicholas Cage’s comic book?

Finally, a heart-warming tale of the ‘lost and found again’ from California. In 2011, a man opened a storage locker that he had purchased, and found Action Comics No. 1 – the very first Superman comic, which was worth around $1m. The man contacted a comic book dealer, hoping to sell his find. However the very same dealer recognised it to be the comic book he had sold to actor Nicholas Cage 11 years earlier, which Cage had since reported stolen. We hope there was a finder’s reward.

We wouldn’t go as far as saying ‘only in America’, but we haven’t unearthed anything quite as bizarre in our Oxfordshire storage units. Not yet, anyway. However we are happy to store (almost) anything you might need keeping safe – no matter how weird and wonderful.

We have some (sensible) criteria about what we won’t accept – such as weaponry and animals – so if you aren’t sure whether storage is suitable for your things, just take a look at our guidance or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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