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Friday, April 15, 2016 by Jon Ellard

Storage in Oxfordshire - How not to get down about downsizing

If you’re moving into a place that’s more manageable for you or setting up home with a new partner, you might have lots of possessions you can’t bear to part with, but simply don’t have the room for.

To make things work in a smaller space you’ll have to come to some difficult decisions about what will move with you and what will stay behind. But these possessions could have great sentimental value, or it might be practical to keep them until you move somewhere roomier in the future.

Storage Oxford

Why storage in Oxfordshire?

Here’s our quick guide on how to downsize and take advantage of storage in Oxfordshire to keep everything you need, even though you don’t have room for it right now.

1. Take stock of your life

Before you move, take an inventory of what you already have and separate it all into three categories:

  • -Things that will fit into your new home
  • -Things that you don’t need – split into boxes for throwing away/ charity / selling
  • -Valuable/sentimental items you’d like to store for future use

If you’re moving in with a partner, it’s always a good idea to go over inventories together to check you aren’t doubling up.

2. Get measuring

There’s nothing more frustrating than moving all your furniture to your smaller home, finding that nothing fits, and having rooms that look overstuffed. Measure all your beds, bookcases, sofas etc. and work out whether they’ll fit into a place that has fewer or smaller rooms.

3. Use available storage in Oxfordshire

Local Oxfordshire storage facilities offer rental units that you can hire for as little as £11 per week. This is perfect for keeping items that you’ll need for a bigger home or possessions you just can’t face selling.

At House and Carriage storage in Oxfordshire, we can even transport your belongings to our facilities and bring them back when you need them. Plus, there’s no minimum rental fee - store for weeks, months or years.

Contact us for Oxfordshire storage to help make your downsizing a more pleasant experience.

We are always happy to hear from you if you have any questions →
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