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House and Carriage News

Posted: 18-Oct-2017

Packing your items for storage: 5 top tips from our expert removals team

Whether you’re relocating to Oxford or Oslo, moving house is both physically and emotionally exhausting. It’s easy to lose track of what should be done when – and that includes taking care of all your worldly goods:... Read more ›

Posted: 18-Oct-2017

How long term storage can help you through the tricky times in life

Life really is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs and it’s often impossible to see what’s coming next. Sometimes life throws challenges at us and we need to take a fresh look at the way we... Read more ›

Posted: 27-Mar-2017

How our Oxfordshire based storage can support your business

There’s no one single business model. Every company, no matter its size, maturity, or aspirations, has many differing requirements for success. However, one essential resource which is common to all businesses is one which is often overlooked:... Read more ›

Posted: 22-Mar-2017

Seven strange things found in storage units

What comes to mind when you think of storage? Furniture? Business documents and archives? Boxes of valuables and other possessions, while the owners move house? In our experience as an Oxfordshire based storage facility, you’d be... Read more ›

Posted: 10-Feb-2017

How our self storage can help if you're relocating to Oxford

Oxford is widely considered to be one of the best cities to live and work in the UK1. The city and its surrounding towns and villages offer a wide range of employment opportunities, as well as being... Read more ›

Posted: 01-Feb-2017

Use self storage to declutter your house room by room

There are so many uses that you can put your rooms to once self storage frees you of your clutter! Clutter is one of the biggest causes of stress in our lives. Excessive clutter decreases productivity and task performance, and increases... Read more ›

Posted: 20-Jan-2017

How modern lifestyles are generating extra demand for self storage

Our habits and interests are changing the shape of the self storage industry Demand for self storage space has never been higher. According to research carried out by Cushman & Wakefield and the Self Storage Association UK in... Read more ›

Posted: 09-Dec-2016

Boost your business growth plan in 2017 with our Oxford based storage

At this time of year, many businesses (us included) turn their thoughts to their growth plans for the coming year. Physical space can be a limitation to your expansion plans – whether you are seeking to increase your headcount, turnover... Read more ›

Posted: 29-Nov-2016

Ten reasons why you might need self storage in 2017

Many of life’s little challenges can be solved quickly with self storage! We are fast approaching the end of the year and coming closer to the time when we make our New Year resolutions. Apart from aiming to get fitter and... Read more ›

Posted: 24-Nov-2016

Use the Christmas period to de-clutter your home or office with self storage

The holiday season is an excellent time to remove unwanted belongings from your home or work premises and put them into our self storage facilities. You may have heard the saying that a tidy place is a tidy mind. It stands... Read more ›