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Tuesday, June 28, 2016 by Charlie Schmidt

Three ways business storage can help Oxford based companies to grow

People in Oxfordshire are finding that the dream of starting their own business has recently become much more attainable. But launching a business means needing space – space for goods, space for archives, space to work, and - most importantly - space to grow.

When garages and spare rooms are no longer practical or professional enough, House & Carriage business storage in Oxfordshire is an ideal solution.

business storage Oxford

The UK’s economy is slowly improving, and this is good news for small to medium businesses (SMEs). According to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, there were 5.4 million private sector businesses in the UK at the start of 2015 – up nearly 150,000 from 2014. Small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2015 and 99.9% were SMEs.

Right now, Oxfordshire is a thriving hub of SMEs. The Centre for Cities’ Small Business Outlook of October 2015 placed Oxford at number five among all UK cities in terms of SMEs from the digital, creative and professional sectors. According to the study, 47 per cent of SMEs in Oxford were involved in these industries - above the 34 per cent UK average.

As they mature, many of these businesses will find they no longer have the space they need in order to reach their true potential. Many will find they are simply running out of room as archived accounts and large quantities of goods start to clutter up their work area.

business storage Oxford

If this sounds familiar, you may be eyeing up larger office space, with expectations of growing into it. However this can prove expensive, uncompromising, and could actually harm your potential for growth. A far more shrewd choice for ambitious entrepreneurs is to explore Oxford business storage.

Here are three ways House & Carriage business storage in Oxfordshire can actually help your business to grow.

1.     Risk-free flexibility

When running a SME, nobody knows what their growth pattern will actually be. It’s tempting to imagine steadily rising lines on a graph indicating ever-increasing demand and profit. However, in reality, growth can take a more unpredictable course depending on external factors such as seasonal trends and economic fluctuations, as well as tweaks to your business model as you get to know the market.

For these reasons, procuring large office space can work against you. You could find yourself paying for too much redundant space, and being tied into long term lease contracts that you can’t escape.

With House & Carriage’s business storage across Oxfordshire, you only pay for the space you need. And as nobody can forecast exactly how your growth pattern will look, you can change the space you have at any given time – meaning you can increase or decrease depending on what your requirements are.

There is no minimum contract either – you only pay for the time that you spend with us, whether it’s for a week or five years, with a simple monthly payment. Even if your plans change and you stay longer – or for a shorter time – than you thought, we can always meet your needs. 

For more information on the units we offer, see here.

2.     Low costs, big savings

As we’ve noted above, commercial leases can prove expensive, and can come with lengthy contracts for space that you may not need.

If the thought of an unstable long-term financial commitment concerns you, House & Carriage can provide a far more cost-effective solution.

Our business storage space can cost far less than the price of renting vast retail and office premises, and help to reduce overheads significantly. Small businesses don’t need to pay business rates on the storage space that they use, and there are no utilities to pay or council tax costs. SMEs will still need to pay VAT of course, however it’s worth noting that VAT registered businesses can claim this back.

There’s just one inclusive price, payable each month.

What’s more, your goods are insured in our store. Our limited liability covers up to £40 per item. If your goods are worth more, then it’s easy to take out additional insurance. You can find out more about our insurance details here.

The space we offer is also combined with a fantastic delivery logistics service for even greater convenience, taking your items right where you need them to be.

3.     Round-the-clock access

We understand that running a SME can be a 24 hour, seven-day-a-week operation. You may need to access your things at short notice, or at a late hour. That’s why we offer 24 hour access to allow you to manage your storage in your time, meaning you can run your business on your own terms without frustrating delays that could ultimately affect your customer relationships.

All your stock can be kept in one place, with shelving available to help you organise your files or boxes. Our units are safe, secure and dry.

Our porters are on-hand at our warehouses to help you load and unload, and we have trolleys to assist you. We have several vehicles available, so you don’t need to hang around when you visit us.

If you have any questions, then we always have staff available to help you out, and give you expert advice on making the most out of your space and time. Our staff are also available to accept deliveries on your behalf.

It’s easy to find us too, as House & Carriage is located centrally in Oxfordshire. Our facility is based in beautiful Charlbury, right next to the train station. We have convenient access to main roads, which allows our fleet to deliver across the UK.

House & Carriage Oxford business storage facilities don’t end there. We also offer specialist support such as exhibition and trade show services.

And as we have our very own delivery service, we can help you to improve your stock management, and ensure a hassle-free process, from you receiving an order, to getting your goods into the hands of your customers.

We can schedule weekly multi-drop routes – whether you have single or multiple items – and can deliver across the south of England. If you need to get your products a little further afield, just contact us for a quote.

Whatever your needs, you’ll find that House & Carriage are fully equipped to support you, and give you the low-risk, low-cost and highly-flexible Oxford storage space your business needs to grow.

We are always happy to hear from you if you have any questions →
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