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Monday, November 26, 2018 by Charlie Schmidt

Why self storage is perfect if you are moving home with a tight deadline

Moving home can be one of the most stressful processes we undergo as humans. From sorting out all the admin with solicitors, to getting your head into mortgage applications to packing your life away, the timings can be frantic. But don’t fear. There is something you can do to ease yourself and the family into this huge change – investing in a self storage unit.

House and Carriage offer a choice of self storage options in Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas, with accessible, well-located facilities – for those needing storage for a couple of boxes – to those wanting their whole family home looked after. We can offer as much room as you need – for as long as you need – and we can collect and deliver too.

Get your time back

If you are up against it, need more than 24 hours in a day and are struggling to work out how on earth you will get everything packed, then let our self storage team help you. Hand everything over to us as it is and let us store it safely for you until you need it again. The real ‘big sort’ can come later on when you begin your new housing adventure. With work and school commitments, pets running around the house and paperwork to file, move the boxes out and your time back in.

No need to waste time ‘sorting’

Every item has a special place in your home until you start to declutter for your move – and then where does it go? eBay-ing or Shpock-ing, recycling or organising for the tip often requires a lot of time. If you already have a moving date set in stone and it’s creeping up on you, stop stressing. Move it all into self storage and tackle one thing at a time. Look forward to going through your belongings in your dream home, when you do have more time and space to play with. 

Safe, secure and dry…and simple

All of our units provide safe, secure and dry protection for your items, be they large or small. With a move, there is always a risk of damage to your property. Yet with our self storage units come an abundance of benefits including temperature-controlled storage, a free inventory service, professional packing of valuables, simple insurance arrangements, art transport and cataloguing, if needed, as well as discounted rates for over a year.

Renting benefits

If you are leaving your home to rent for a while, then self storage really is the perfect in-between measure for you. Let us take care of the “right now’s” so you can immerse yourself in exploring the area, finding the perfect home, making informed decisions, as well as investing time in making new friends, without worrying about where to store your treasured belongings. We can hold items for as little or as long as you need – our self storage units are flexible and tailored to your requirements.

A new direction

We’re all guilty of it – as soon as you find your dream home, you want to buy lots of new things to fill it. To make room, move your old belongings to into our self storage units until you decide what to do with them – take advantage of the fresh start!

From a single box to a whole family home, we have self storage units up to 250 cubic feet – whatever you need, we can provide. Plus, you’ll find that we offer far more than a standard self storage company can – we’re visible, personable and keen to help and support you.

If you think self storage from House and Carriage is right for your needs, why not request a quote?

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